deck Pressure Washing

$25 – $145

Plus $0.30 sq.ft. over 240sq.ft.

Add $2 per step or deck support post.

It is important to choose a knowledgeable and experienced professional to clean and maintain your deck. Hundreds, even thousands of dollars in damage

can be done by an inexperienced operator.

Does your deck need a light, medium, or deep clean?

That depends on the finish, age, amount of sun, and proper maintenance.

Because of these factors, prices may vary from $25 – $145 for an average size deck (12’ x 20’).

Time is money and there is a big difference between a 10 minute light deck wash and a thorough deck cleaning that goes over every square inch. Add a flight of stairs, which effectively doubles the amount of tedious spindles, and you can see why deck washing is one of the most varied and technical items we clean.

Please note, a thorough deck cleaning or sealing is limited by the type and condition of any previous finish. Wax, grease, sap, and the grade of wood can also affect the final results.



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